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Derek Anderson of VIVID Studios, Newent, Gloucestershire has just been awarded his Licentiateship of the Master Photographers Association (LMPA) with a stunning panel of Images in the Portrait category, which is Derek’s speciality.

The judges’ comments given to Derek included words like ‘strong and varied portrait panel’, ‘nice sharp portraits’ and ‘a lovely set of images’ which explained the strength of the whole panel.

Licentiateship of the MPA is the hardest qualification to achieve within the photographic profession as this takes a great deal of time, work and dedication to your art to reach this level. Entering the Association at probationary level and reaching the required high standards of this qualification is such a massive achievement.

Not only do you have to submit an extensive panel of photographic images, which are displayed and judged in front of 5 highly respected Fellows of the industry, but also you must produce an in depth working profile about your work and business practices. This document goes into the Health & Safety elements that must be understood when dealing with the public and also the professional insurances that protect the public.

This is the reason why the public should only book a qualified professional photographer to photograph those precious memories in life, their wedding, pets or family and children as it’s the only way they have of knowing they will get the best creative photographs and personal service possible.

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