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Misha Dawn
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Professional Headshots



You need professional headshots that will represent you at your best and help you stand out from the crowd. 

We can help you with high quality images that capture your personality and style consistent with your personal or corporate brand, giving you that all important competitive edge! 

Whether you just need a couple of headshots for LinkedIn, a full re-brand or anything in between, one of our value for money packages below should fit the bill. 

‘Derek was amazing! He is very passionate, has an eye for detail, creative, and flexible. Derek was responsible for the official photo I used when I recently ran for Councillor in the City of Gloucester … I would recommend VIVID Studios to family, friends, colleagues, and yes, aspiring politicians!’

Raymond Padilla

Councillor, Gloucester City Council

‘Found myself needing some professional headshots … I’ve never been a fan of posing for photos, but Derek’s thoroughness, experience and ability to put you at your ease meant that the experience was pleasant, and the results are perfect for what I wanted … a very professional job, and good value for money.’

Dr Ray Owen

Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Pre-shoot consultation

30 minute studio session

1 look

Choice of backdrop

2 images of your choice*

SILVER: £175

Pre-shoot consultation

60 minute studio session

2 looks

2 different backdrops

3 images of your choice*

GOLD: £295

Pre-shoot consultation

2 hours of photography

Multiple looks & backdrops

Studio and/or outdoors

5 images of your choice*

* Your images will be shot and professionally retouched by a master photographer and supplied as high resolution printable files via digital download.

EXTRAS: additional retouched images £25 each; same-day turnaround £50.


Headshots are the key to making it as an actor. They are the foundation of your professional brand. You send your headshot to casting directors when you are looking to audition. You send your headshot to agents when you are looking for representation. You also need headshots for online casting profiles, your personal website, social media profiles, business cards etc.

Actor Headshot

Rosie Jane – Psyched!, Doctor Who, Ghosted.

A good actor headshot should look like you in real life. It should also give casting directors a sense of the types of characters you might play. It will determine the types of roles you are called in to audition for. Therefore, it’s recommended that you update your headshots every one or two years (every six months for children). You’ll also need new headshots whenever you cut your hair more than a few inches, change your hair colour or when you gain or lose weight.

Our silver headshot session will provide you with two looks, giving you at least two distinct headshots to choose from. For example, a smiling commercial headshot and a more serious theatrical headshot. If you need more looks targeting the specific types of role for which you’re best suited, our gold headshot session provides you with up to five looks, which is the most any actor should need.


As part of our sustainability commitment, we’ve partnered with Ecologi who plant trees and fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Each month trees are planted and projects are supported around the world to offset our carbon footprint. We also fund the planting of trees throughout the year on behalf of our customers to help them offset their own carbon footprints. We already have over 1000 trees in our forest and have offset more than 20 tonnes of CO2.