Superhero Family
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The Superhero Experience
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Such a fun experience
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My daughter and I were bought a Capow shoot as a birthday gift and it was the perfect choice for us. Such a fun experience, we got to choose our outfits, did loads of fun poses with props and music for atmosphere. Derek was great fun and very helpful too.

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Lots of fun and the photos are awesome
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Derek made us feel welcome and relaxed from the moment we walked in. The costume was perfect! I loved dressing up as Wonder Woman and the background set was brilliant. We had lots of fun doing the shoot, Derek had lots of time for us and the photos are awesome.

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It was absolutely brilliant!
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... it was more than fun, it was absolutely brilliant, I don't think me, my wife, or the boys stopped laughing the whole time, and Derek was just a lovely fella, treated the boys so well, my wife has recently had open heart surgery, and Derek really was kind, caring and as helpful as he could possibly be to make the experience great fun for her (and me) as much as our boys , we all had a really great day, I can highly recommend a visit, and a big thankyou to Derek

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Loved the movie props and backdrops!
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Very impressed ... professional and welcoming ... high quality images ... I especially loved the movie props and backdrops!

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Have you ever dreamed of being a superhero? Well now you can – with an exciting Superhero Experience at VIVID Studios, Newent! Choose from a fabulous range of superhero costumes (or bring your own if you prefer) and grapple with movie-grade props against a spectacular cinematic backdrop. After the dust has settled, our master photographer will use his super powers to give your images the full Hollywood blockbuster treatment. Now available in Gloucestershire exclusively at VIVID Studios, Newent. Book now to secure your preferred date and time or why not gift this amazing experience as a ‘thank you’ to someone special!




Peter Benjamin Parker


Enhanced speed




Rapid healing

Precognitive danger sense

Genius intellect



    The Flash


    Barry Allen




    Acclerated healing

    Quick thinking

    He can vibrate his molecular structure fast enough to pass through objects

      Wonder Woman

      Wonder Woman

      REAL NAME: 



      Divinely bestowed strength, speed and durability, matching the Olympian gods

      Expert in many forms of armed and unarmed combat


      Lassoo of Truth compels those in its coils to tell the truth

      Can speak with animals

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Do you have my favourite superhero costume in my size?

        We have a wide range of fabulous superhero costumes in various child and adult sizes, including Batman, Batwoman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, The Flash, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Too many to list here so it’s advisable to enquire before booking. If we don’t have a costume for your favourite superhero in your size we can always use our superpowers to find one for you. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to bring along your own costume.

        Do THE costumes include boots?

        Some of our costumes include shoe covers e.g. Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, Cat Woman. The shoe covers are attached to the bottoms of the trousers/ jump suits and cover your own shoes, socks or bare feet. Other costumes require you to provide your own boots if desired. These include e.g. Wonder Woman, Supergirl. If you don’t have any suitable boots though, don’t worry – you can still have lots of fun and create some super images without them.

        How authentic are your costumes?

        All of our costumes are offically licensed by Marvel and DC Comics.